Airways and the inventor of Aeroseal® present on COVID-19 and sustainability at the Hospital Engineers Society’s Annual Conference

It was an exciting day last Thursday for Airways Systems, as our own Joe St. Pierre and Dr. Mark Modera of the University of California, Davis had the opportunity to make a one-hour educational presentation at the 2021 Annual Conference of the Hospital Engineers Society of Northern Illinois (HESNI).  Dr. Modera invented the Aeroseal® technology for sealing ductwork and founded the company, for which he still serves as a technical advisor.  Joe has performed more commercial Aeroseal projects than anyone else in the Chicago area.

Key takeaways from the presentation:

  • Three strategies to reduce the concentrations of virus in indoor air are filtration, destruction (e.g., by ultraviolet light), and dilution (the focus of this presentation).
  • Stepping up the dilution strategy means bringing in more outside air and also getting more effective at directing indoor air through the exhausts.
  • Leaks in the building envelope, supply ducts and exhaust ducts harm both the energy efficiency and the effectiveness of the exchange of air.
  • There is a very effective way to improve the duct leakage problem (Aeroseal) and similar technology is coming along to better seal the building envelope.

You can see the Power Point slides from the presentation below.  It includes information about the Aeroseal process, but you can also see an overview of the technology here, and use these links learn about:

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