Complying with Building Standards

The Aeroseal process has enabled new buildings to open on schedule, and helped existing buildings to meet SMACNA standards and get LEED certified.

  • Excessive duct leakage has put some new buildings at risk of being unable to get cleared to open on their scheduled date.  Options to retrofit the ductwork are typically prohibitively time consuming and expensive.  Attacking the problem with Aeroseal has solved those problems much more quickly and economically.
  • Aeroseal has enabled existing buildings to stay open and occupied while duct leakage was being addressed, instead of having to partly or entirely shut down to allow demolition work to access leaky ductwork.  
  • Aeroseal can help buildings meet LEED certification requirements and, in some places, qualify for rebates which are available for energy-efficient buildings.

Read some interesting case studies on complying with building standards below.