Ceiling Tile Cleaning

Why Should I Clean My Ceiling Tiles? 

Do the ceiling tiles in your facility look old, dirty and dusty?  If you answered, Yes!, let Airways Systems bring them back to life. 

Dirty ceiling tiles can make a building look outdated and cause employees to question the cleanliness of their workplace.  Ceiling tiles can absorb airborne dirt, grease, cigarette smoke and bacteria that can make for an unhealthy work environment.  

Save money and have your ceiling tiles cleaned instead of replacing them. 

We Can Clean Many Different Types of Ceiling Tiles! 

FRP Tiles (Fire Rated Panel) - found commonly in restaurant kitchens and can become saturated with grease. 

Acoustic Tiles - found in most office buildings and are very pores which can absorb high levels of dust and dirt. 

Metal Pan Tiles - commonly found in older buildings. 

What is the Cleaning Process?

Technicians at Airways Systems start by vigorously vacuuming the surfaces dirt off of the tiles to remove years of accumulated dust, dirt and other airborne substances. 

The ceiling tile tracks are then cleaned with a special tool and cleaning solution to make them look like new again. 

The final step includes spraying the ceiling tiles with a special cleaning agent that loosens the dirt and other substances that are embedded into the deep layers of the tiles.  After the chemical breaks down the substance, it then dissolves and is filtrated through the HVAC system. 

Fun Fact - Dirty ceiling tiles may reduce your lighting efficiency by as much as 20%.  Bright white ceiling tiles reflect the light in the office but a dirty ceiling tile can absorb light.