"Prior to being assigned to the field, each new employee will attend Basic Airways Training, Which will familiarize the employee with Airways... the tools and methodology used and the safety procedures as described in this safety manual."

The above is a direct quote from the "training" chapter of the Airways Systems Employee Safety Manual. Every Airways employee must complete our unique training program before being teamed with an experienced Airways Supervisor and Service Tech for ongoing field training. What make our training so special is its focus on one subject:

The training an Airways employee must undergo is thorough. The employee learns about all facets of job safety: personal protective equipment, ladder safety, how to enter a permit required confined space, when to lock/tag out, and how to manage chemical hazards, to name a few. At one time or another, your facility may have been affected by one of the above concerns. We, at Airways, believe our safe approach is the foundation to a job well-done on your project.

Our commitment to a safe working environment enables us to provide you experienced, well-trained, and safety-conscious employees to fill your ventilation cleaning needs.