A Year of Aeroseal® Customer Success Stories

Airways Systems became an official Aeroseal® commercial service provider in early 2017, and we’d like to share some examples of how we have been able to solve problems for our customers, get them into code, and dramatically reduce leakage in their HVAC systems.
We’re very excited about the benefits that duct sealing with Aeroseal® has been able to provide for our customers since we entered the business last year.  Here are some examples:
Solving a variety of problems:
• Enabled the reopening of labs at the American Dental Association building, avoiding major reconstruction or relocation.  This was written up as an Aeroseal case study.
• Protected a rare book collection at a local university library
• Solved a noise concern near a TV studio
• Improved airflow to offices farthest from the air handling unit at an office building
Getting buildings into code compliance:
• An assisted living community
• A health clinic
• A restaurant
Dramatically reducing leakage, thereby saving energy:
• A major local hospital (95% leakage reduction)
• Another major local hospital (95% leakage reduction)
• Still another major local hospital (94% leakage reduction)
• A large campus building at a university (88% leakage reduction)
If you think you might have a problem caused by air leakage, or want to make your system more efficient, or just want to see how it works, give us a call.
Happy Spring, whenever it finally gets here!