Airways Systems is committed to meeting its obligations as an essential service in promoting fire safety, clean air, and energy efficiency while taking all reasonable steps to prevent the spread of COVID-19 from our employees to our customers and vendors, from our customers and vendors to our employees, and among our employees.

What follows is the direction Airways has given to all of its employees:

Whether to come to work:

  • As a general rule, don’t come to work sick.  In ordinary times, coming to work when you have, for example, a minor cold seems like the hard-working, tough-guy, grown-up thing to do.  But during this pandemic, you’re risking the health of your colleagues and our customers.  Please, if you’re not feeling well, let us know as soon as possible and don’t go to work.
  • If you have been exposed to someone who has tested positive, you should self-quarantine until you can get yourself tested negative.
  • Airways work never requires leaving the country.  If you travel to another country or another state, you must follow any applicable federal and/or Illinois quarantine protocols upon return.

On the way to work (foremen and technicians):

  • Everyone should wash hands and/or hand sanitize before leaving for work and before leaving the job site unless it’s not possible. 
  • If you are getting to a job, or to the meet point, by public transportation, you should wash your hands before leaving home and wear gloves on the bus or train to and from home.  Foremen can provide the techs with gloves. 
  • Bring your thermometer with you to the job each day. 
  • Take your temperature before leaving for work.  Call off if it is over 100.0 degrees.

In the van (foremen and technicians):

  • When techs are being picked up, foremen and techs should take their temperatures before the techs get into the van.  Foremen have been provided with no-touch forehead scanners for taking temperatures.  No one over 100.0 should get in the van; let Floyd know if you are found to be over 100.0 degrees.
  • Foremen and techs must use hand sanitizer prior to entering the van.  It should be rubbed on the palms, fingers, between fingers, and on the back of the hands.  They may use it as needed through the course of the shift.
  • Foremen should use the Nemesis product as directed on the label to clean “touch points” in the van daily, or more often as desired.  “Touch points” include inside and outside door handles, the steering wheel, gear shift and wiper controls, anything touched on the dashboard, and seats.
  • If you ride public transportation to the meet point or the job, you should put on a Tyvek suit before getting into the van or going into the customer site. 
  • We will not assign more than four people to a van – the foreman and three technicians.
  • Everyone in the van must be wearing a mask.

At the customer site (foremen and technicians):

  • When meeting at the job site, take temperatures before going in.  No one over 100.0 should enter a job site.  Let Floyd know if you are found to be over 100.0 degrees.  If the crew all checked temperatures before getting in the van, they need no do it again on arrival unless the customer requires it
  • Foremen and techs must use hand sanitizer prior to entering the customer site.  It should be rubbed on the palms, fingers, between fingers, and on the back of the hands.  They may use it as needed through the course of the shift.
  • To the extent possible, maintain six feet of distance from colleagues and customers even when wearing masks.
  • Wear mask and gloves anywhere indoors at a customer site. 
  • Wash hands and use hand sanitizer as needed during the shift.
  • If working outdoors, wear a mask if you cannot maintain six feet of social distance at all times.  Wear gloves outdoors when needed due to chemical, cut, or other hazards.
  • Wash hands and/or hand sanitize before leaving the job site unless it’s not possible. 
  • Clean equipment at the end of each shift.
  • As with any safety matter, whenever at a customer site you must follow all of the customer’s rules, and if Airways’ rules are more stringent, you must still follow Airways’ rules as well.

In the Airways warehouse:

  • Wear gloves and mask when entering the warehouse and while in it at all times, even if alone.
  • “Wipe down,” meaning using disinfectant:
    • Wipe down door handles and knobs before leaving:  Bathroom door handles (if used), overhead door locks and back door knobs inside and outside on the way out.
    • Bathroom:  If used, wipe down toilet/urinal area like flush handle and sink area like faucet handles.
    • Hand cart:  Wipe down handle if used to move supplies.
    • Equipment used and returned like vacuums, spray pumps etc.  needs to be wiped off when returned.
    • Wipe down any ladders that are returned.
    • Wipe down any equipment dropped off for Tom to repair.
    • Wipe down locker door handle and pad lock.
    • Wipe down any hand tools used to fix equipment.
    • Wipe down the bottle of hand sanitizer off if you use it to refill your personal bottles.
    • Wipe down any light switches for the warehouse which you touch.
    • In general don’t touch anything that you don’t need to.

In the Airways offices:

  • We have touchless thermometers at the front and back entrance.  Office staff, visitors, and delivery people will have to show a temperature of 100.0 or less to enter.  We will have an oral thermometer available in the event of a question about the accuracy of the touchless thermometer.
  • Office staff have been set up to work remotely and will be permitted or encouraged to do so to varying degrees as the Illinois and federal guidance continues to evolve.
  • Masks must be worn in any common areas.
  • No one should enter anyone else’s office space.  Communicate by phone, or meet in the conference room with 6 feet distance and masks.
  • No more than one person at a time in the kitchen.
  • Anyone using the kitchen, copier, or a bathroom must wipe down touch points when finished.
  • Salespeople are discouraged from coming to the office or staying longer than necessary.  Please let each other know when you are coming so we can keep it to one in the office at a time.
  • Sales meetings will continue to be via Zoom for at least the next few months.
  • Signs in the warehouse lay out the protocols for back there.  The office staff must follow them, including wearing a mask at all times while in the warehouse and wiping down doorknobs/handles and other touch points after use.

Everyday good hygiene practices for everyone:

  • Wash your hands thoroughly 7 to 10 times a day with soap and water – at least 20 seconds of washing (and definitely every time you use the washroom)
  • Bathe/shower every day
  • Wash your clothes (do not wear the same clothes every day)
  • Clean your phone twice a day – our phones hold a lot of germs from our hands touching them
  • At home, spray or clean with a disinfectant, the faucet handles, door knobs, refrigerator handles, etc.
  • Wash your hands after handling mail and/or packages
  • Shopping and grocery carts- wear gloves when your shop or wash your hands immediately when you’re finished shopping-same goes for pumping gas in your car
  • Clean your keys
  • Clean your car steering wheel
  • Try not to touch your face
  • Do not share food/drinks/straws with others
  • Take your shoes off before entering your home – lots of germs on the bottom of your shoes
  • Cough into your arm (not hand) – if you cough into your hand, you spread germs when you touch other surfaces-wash hands immediately if you do this
  • Sneeze into your arm (not hand) – if you sneeze into your hand, you spread germs when you touch other surfaces-wash hands immediately if you do this