Overview of Airways Systems Services


People think of us as “duct cleaners” and we surely are that, but generally we are cleaning entire systems of which ducts are a part. The great majority of Airways Systems’ work is in cleaning the systems which ventilate, condition, and exhaust the air in a wide variety of indoor facilities. Keeping these systems clean is critical to indoor air quality, fire safety, and the efficient operation of the systems.

What We Clean:

  • Air Ducts/Heating, Ventilating, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) Systems – These systems include many components which bring air into a building, heat or cool it, humidify or dehumidify it, move it around the building, and exhaust it. They control indoor air comfort and the quality of the air that the people in the building breathe. Dirt, dust, pollen, and other contaminants can build up in these systems and compromise the quality of the air and the efficiency of the systems.
  • Kitchen Hoods and Grease Exhaust Systems – These include everything from the hood above a cooking surface to the point of exhaust outside the building. They move smoke and grease away from the kitchen area to reduce the risk of fire. Grease can build up inside them, though, providing fuel that can spread a fire if the system is not kept clean.
  • Laundry Exhaust Systems – These remove moisture and dryer lint away from the heat source to reduce the fire hazard and help the dryer to operate more efficiently.
  • Toilet Exhaust Systems – These remove harmful fumes and unpleasant odors from the bathroom.  A clean toilet exhaust system will ensure a comfortable climate within an enclosed area.
  • Industrial and Institutional Exhaust Systems – These include but are not limited to:
    • General Exhaust Systems
    • Paint Booth Exhaust Systems
    • Weld Exhaust Systems
    • Industrial Oven Exhaust Systems
    • Laboratory Fume Hood Exhaust Systems
  • Other (Non-Exhaust) Cleaning – Our experience in cleaning all of these types of ventilation systems means that we also have the equipment and know-how for a variety of other cleaning projects:
    • Ceiling tiles
    • Walls and floors
    • Trash chutes
    • Commercial kitchen equipment
    • Overhead structures
    • Industrial machinery and equipment, including dust collectors and acid lines
  • Fire Damage Restoration – Airways is not a general contractor for fire restoration, but our cleaning services are often called on as part of a fire restoration project, particularly in cleaning ducts.
  • Filter Changes – Owners of large buildings sometimes use Airways to change out all of the filters in the building. Airways can sell you the filters as well.

Why Clean My Systems?

Indoor Air Quality

  • The air we breathe when we are indoors passes through a system which can introduce dirt, dust, pollen, or other contaminants if it is not properly maintained
  • In settings where there might be harmful fumes, they must be exhausted out of the building to prevent occupants from inhaling toxic fumes. 

Fire Prevention

  • For kitchen and laundry exhausts, and some industrial cleaning the main reason is to prevent a fire from starting within the ductwork or spreading through the ductwork.
  • If there is little grease or lint build-up, there will be little to burn.

Cost Reduction

  • Clean systems require less energy to operate.
  • Dirty systems can lead to service calls to replace burned out motors, unbalanced fan wheels, and worn out shafts and bearings.