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Sitting on the throne? Look up at your bathroom exhaust

Most people know that their bathroom exhaust fan is there to remove odors, and some understand the important role it can play in controlling humidity, and thereby discouraging mold – particularly in areas that have a shower or bathtub as well as a toilet.  (If you’re showering in a room with a bathroom exhaust, always keep it on while you’re showering!)

It can be easy to not notice – or to ignore – a dirty bathroom exhaust.  Why worry about it?  After all, it isn’t recirculating air back into your HVAC system.

The answers are:
•    If the fan is dirty, it can be a lot less efficient and effective.  Blades in a typical bathroom exhaust fan are close together and some are curved for maximum efficiency.  Dust and dirt can build up in the cupped area of the blade, turning it into a flatter surface, in addition to creating more weight for the motor to spin. 
•    Dirt can build up in the damper, cutting down the airflow or getting it stuck in one position.
•    Dirt building up inside ducts can cut down on airflow, or dislodge and help to clog the fan or the dampers.
•    A dirty system can be noisier.

If dirt is building up on the grille, that could be a good indication that it’s time to have the system cleaned.  

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