Doing our vital work safely, for you and for our employees

Our first note to our employees warning about the coronavirus, encouraging people to not come to work sick, and offering advice on how to avoid spreading the disease went out on February 6, when there were only 11 reported US cases.  Since then, as the extent of the pandemic became more apparent and more information became available, we have continually been investing in PPE, communicating with our field staff, and strengthening our safety protocols.  

Our protocols include requirements and procedures at the work site, in our service vans en route to and from the job, at our warehouse, and for those using public transportation, on public transportation to and from work.  As examples, all of our people must have their temperatures scanned before getting in our van or entering the workplace, and must wear PPE on public transportation, in addition to all of the now-well-known mask-wearing and social distancing guidelines.  We can share more detail on request.  

We understand that nothing can eliminate 100% of the risk of spreading this virus, but we also know that the fire hazards from combustible lint in a laundry exhaust or grease in a kitchen exhaust don’t go on vacation because of a pandemic.  Dirty HVAC ducts and coils and industrial exhausts still need to be cleaned to operate safely and efficiently.  So we’re still doing what we do, with a lot of extra safety measures.

We hope that you and yours are having a safe and healthy summer.