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Could the temperature in your laundry room be telling you something?

If you notice that the temperature in your laundry room seems to be getting hotter when the dryers are in use, that could be a sign that the exhausts are getting backed up and it’s time to clean them.

We recently cleaned the exhaust system of a condo building which probably hadn’t been cleaned in a while.  When we first arrived to survey the job, we noticed that the laundry room was very hot.  It would have been quite uncomfortable for most of the residents who used the room.  After the cleaning, the chief engineer reported an 11 degree drop in temperature and a noticeable drop in humidity.

In this case, the heat in the laundry room was telling us that the buildup of lint in the exhaust system was making the dryers work too hard, in addition to having trouble exhausting the heated air from the dryers.  Cleaning the exhausts meant a more comfortable laundry room for the users, likely quicker results in getting their clothes dry, energy savings, and, of course, a reduction in the risk that the heated-up lint might catch fire.

If you have your system cleaned properly and regularly, you won’t have results this dramatic, of course.  You’ll already have a safe, efficient system and a comfortable laundry room.  

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