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Aeroseal enabled a local hospital to reopen a diagnostic facility

Last month, a mechanical contractor turned to Airways Systems to use the Aeroseal® technology to solve an exhaust problem which had forced the closure of one of its diagnostic facilities.

The room was not exhausting adequately due to leakage in the riser.  The mechanical contractor tried increasing the fan speed, but that did not completely resolve the problem.  The mechanical contractor then decided to call in Airways to see if the Aeroseal process might be able to do the trick.  
The hospital had some concerns because the riser in question channels right up through the heart of the building.  The Airways team was able to successfully perform the seal during regular business hours with no disruption to any other parts of the hospital or patients.  Most of the people within the hospital did not even know they were there, or that duct sealing was even taking place.

The fan’s design airflow was 1700 CFM and the riser was leaking 289 CFM, or 17%.  The team was able to reduce the leakage by 94.5%, to 16 CFM.  The hospital was able to reopen the facility upon completion. 

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