Why Seal Ducts?

The ductwork in every commercial HVAC system leaks, to some extent, but you might be surprised to know how much.  A typical range is that 15% to 25% of the air moving through an HVAC system leaks out before it gets where it’s supposed to go.  Cases of 30% leakage or more are above average but not uncommon.  

Benefits of sealing ducts:

  • Saving energy and money.
    Leaky ducts force your fans to work harder and your system to heat or chill more air. Read more | Case studies
  • Improving indoor air quality and comfort.
    A leaky system may be pulling un-filtered, un-conditioned air into the occupied space through any available gap in the building envelope.  In some extreme cases, the system may have trouble getting some rooms to comfortable temperatures.  Read more | Case studies
  • Complying with building standards.
    Buildings with leaky systems may have trouble complying with air flow and/or efficiency requirements. Read more | Case studies

The Aeroseal process was patented in 1994 and first applied in commercial settings in 2004. In 2016, it was named ASHRAE’s Product of the Year. Click here for a more detailed timeline.