Buildings by Daman, Dubai: Cut duct leakage from 30% to 5% or less

Two overlapping towers; one 20 stories tall, filled with offices and hotel amenities. The second, 65 floors of deluxe apartments and an ultra - luxury hotel. 950,000 ft 2 in all, The Buildings by Daman is a shining star architectural achievement that lies at the heart of the Dubai International Financial Center, in the United Arab Emirates. The beauty of the building’s intertwining towers is matched only by the complexity of the massive duct system servicing the interconnected structure. When building engineers found that a high rate of duct leakage threatened to compromise the HVAC performance and energy efficiency of the skyscraper, they knew that finding and accessing the leaks using traditional duct sealing methods would simply be an impossible task. It would take an innovative approach to duct sealing to fix the problem.