VA Medical Center of Indianapolis: Eliminated problem which could have forced a temporary shutdown

Just months after opening the doors to its new Veterans House, the VA medical center of Indianapolis, Indiana discovered that the building’s Energy Recovery Ventilation (ERV) system wasn’t working properly. The diagnosis: intake and exhaust ductwork running throughout the building and through the ERV were full of leaks, making it impossible to balance and adjust airflow. Strict government standards require a leakage rate of 10% or less. Pretesting showed a leakage rate that exceeded 45% in some areas. Faced with this reality, VA administrators were contemplating a massive setback – the prospect of having to empty out the facility, close its doors and begin tearing down walls and ceilings in order to access the ductwork and manually seal the leaks. Lucky for all involved, the project’s construction company did a little Internet research and came across an alternative solution…Aeroseal.