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A resource for you: NADCA’s General Specification

The National Air Duct Cleaners Association (NADCA) recently published a tool which you might find useful if you need to write up a specification for a commercial air duct cleaning project.  It’s called the NADCA General Specification and you can easily download it at 

NADCA recently celebrated its 30th anniversary and it is the leader in defining and improving the standards in the air duct cleaning industry.  There are several other resources which you might find useful at including:

•    ACR 2013, the standard for air duct cleaning
•    NADCA’s White Paper:  “Restoring Energy Efficiency Through HVAC Air Distribution System Cleaning
•    There is also a “Find a Professional” link at the top of the NADCA homepage.  But you don’t need that – you already have Airways Systems!

A final thought:  Clean HVAC systems are great.  Clean HVAC systems which have had their leaks addressed are even better.  Check out how we can help using the Aeroseal® process here.