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Another successful Aeroseal® project at a local hospital reduced leakage by 88%

Airways recently completed a project to clean and seal ductwork serving one entire floor of a wing which is being renovated.  Due to leakage, the ductwork was not delivering enough airflow to pass a test.  The situation was complicated by the fact that the ductwork was wrapped with insulation, so any effort to find and seal the leaks from the outside would have required cutting into drywall and unwrapping over 500 feet of ductwork in an extremely complicated environment.

Hospital management was concerned that the Aeroseal process might result in sealant getting into the patient occupied spaces surrounding the work area and damaging equipment, negatively affecting indoor air quality, or both.  Airways worked in concert with the mechanical engineer, general contractor and hospital facilities management to ensure that any residual sealant would not get anywhere it shouldn’t.

During the preparation phase, a few vents were found outside the scope of the project that required sealing, but due to detailed planning by the Airways team they were located.  With these few additional vents identified, the system was able to be pressurized and ready for the introduction of the Aeroseal sealant.  

With the ductwork inaccessible from the outside, sealing it from the inside was the only viable solution, and it worked.  Leakage of 1,867 CFM was reduced to only 230 CFM, an improvement of 88%.  The system met the engineer’s requirements for air flow and the project was able to continue.

The idea to bring in Aeroseal technology as a solution in this case was sparked by a presentation we had made to an engineering firm for general education purposes – not pitching a particular job.  If you have colleagues or customers who you’d like to expose to Aeroseal knowledge – or you’d like to learn more yourself – let us know.  We can talk individually or present to a group.