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Aeroseal® reduced air leakage to enable the completion of a laboratory renovation project

A renovation project in a basement laboratory at a local university hit a snag when a test and balance report showed an unacceptable level of leakage in the system.  The renovations had included replacing horizontal ductwork, but eight risers in the 75-year-old building were encased inside inaccessible chases and could not be reached for manual sealing without massive demolition work.

The manager of the project turned to Airways Systems to seal the risers using the Aeroseal® process.  We cleaned each riser prior to sealing, ensuring that the surfaces were free from debris.  Then, we blocked off the bottom end of each riser and injected a non-toxic atomized polymer sealant from the top.  The sealant collected around the leaks in the riser, forming a flexible but strong seal.  

Each riser was able to be sealed during business hours without any disruption to the rest of the building.  The risers each passed through three floors’ worth of occupied space, without the people on those floors needing to even be aware that the project was taking place.

Overall, we were able to reduce the leakage by an average of 90%.  The project manager was very impressed with the results, as well as with how little time the project actually took to complete.  

Each project which has come to us has had a different set of issues and challenges, but the results have been quite consistent.  If you are having problems with inadequate air flow to and from certain parts of your building, it may very well be due to air duct leakage.  Or, you may have enough air flow, but your system may be working too hard due to leakage, and you might have an energy saving opportunity.  In either case, we might be able to help.  Give us a call!